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St. Lucia’s very own, the Amazona Versicolor parrot, also known as the Jacquot. These precious birds are of a small scale on the island and are found in very few locations. One of the homes of the Jacquot is a well kept and protected rain forest located in the North East of the island. The Jacquot Trail tour is specially designed to ensure that visitors; birdwatchers and nature lovers alike are granted the opportunity to site these lovely creatures without interfering or disturbing the parrots and their peaceful environment. A true nature’s experience!

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Named for St Lucia’s proud symbol Jacquot, the Amazona Versicolor parrot. The Jacquot Trail immerses hikers in the wonder of the island’s best asset, nature.

Begin a gradual ascent into the mature Caribbean Oceanic forest and get up close and personal with the mighty chatannier, an impressive hardwood with expansive buttress root systems or the incredible strangler ficus, which grows around the host tree in an interlocking lattice before replacing it entirely.

The hike affords wonderful opportunities to learn about St Lucia’s flora and fauna as experienced Nature Interpreters guide you across ravines and creeks deeper into the mature forest. Spot giant ferns and remarkable epiphytes, and keep your eyes peeled for the trail’s namesake and a host of other bird life, and learn how the bountiful forest was an integral part of traditional St Lucian life, for food, medicine and materials.

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