Paintball Adventure


Fun for everyone, paint balling is harmless fun where you get to shoot and perform like a soldier on your very own naval base. Have you ever wanted to practice your army rolls and mid-air shots, or pounce on your unsuspecting friend you secretly wanted to shoot? Now you can! Bring your crew for the ultimate grudge match and let the combat begin. Don’t miss out!

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Experience the thrill of the hunt on St. Lucia’s first full scale military derived park.

Imagine the sound of the crashing surf in the distance as you navigate your way through the natural scenery that makes up the Cap Estate and Cas En Bas Atlantic Coast.

Arrive at the outdoor range for a safety briefing and tour of the course before setting out on your assigned missions. All safety rules and regulations given, follow the guidelines as set by the National Paintball Player League.

Gear up and retreat into a cove where you will position yourself for this exciting paintball battle. Each mission will consist of different goals including capturing the flag and defending the castle. Take possession of your territory as you listen for opponents’ sudden movements in the nearby bushes.

After you have completed your exhilarating assigned missions, a short walk will lead you to one of the most amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, where you will relax and unwind after your battle. Continue onto Cas en Bas beach where you can lay back and enjoy the sea, sun and sand before this fulfilling activity comes to a close. Towel and swim wear can also be carried along if you so desire to throughly relish in the afternoon sun and refreshing blue waters.

Guests are also invited to wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the activity, bearing in mind the paintball stings and splatters rendered by players.

This activity comprises of 3 rounds; each 20 minutes long with a 15 minute break between rounds.

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